Selena Gomez Shares Sweet Gesture from Beau Benny Blanco: I Made You Steak!

Selena Gomez delighted fans with a heartwarming glimpse into her relationship with Benny Blanco. On her Instagram Story, Gomez revealed a touching gesture from Blanco, showcasing their deep bond.

The snapshot captured a tender note written on a tissue paper, bearing Blanco’s affectionate words: “I love you! Sleep well! I made you steak!”

Their romance first caught attention in December 2023 when Gomez shared a photo of a ring with the initial “B,” declaring Blanco as “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Since then, they’ve been seen together at prestigious events like sports games and the Golden Globes, openly displaying their love and support.

Blanco recently shared insights into his feelings for Gomez in an interview with WSJ. Reflecting on the moment he realized he was in love, Blanco expressed amazement at how love can be right in front of you without notice, until that “Clueless moment” hits you.

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