Decoding Meghan Markle’s Polo Championship Conduct: Directorial Gesture or Friendly Facilitation?

Meghan Markle’s recent behavior at the Polo Championship alongside Prince Harry has stirred up a bit of buzz. A video circulating online captures the Duchess of Sussex politely asking a woman to shift positions, seemingly to secure a spot next to her husband.

The footage has prompted reactions from body language expert Judi James, who has dubbed Meghan as a ‘director’ in this scenario. According to James, Meghan’s familiarity with camera angles and staging might explain her actions. She suggests that Meghan’s involvement in producing a Netflix show could have influenced her to orchestrate the scene like a director on a film set. Alternatively, James speculates that Meghan might have simply been extending a friendly gesture, aiming to make the woman feel more at ease beside her.

During what appears to be a celebratory moment for Harry, Meghan’s subtle maneuvers to position the woman next to her are noticeable. James describes the scene as if Meghan is directing a shot, guiding the woman into place with a nod towards Harry. However, the woman’s awkward movement to comply suggests a less than seamless transition.

In James’ analysis, Meghan’s focus appears to be on capturing the perfect shot with Harry, rather than the comfort of those around her. Like a seasoned director and star, Meghan exudes confidence, beaming at Harry and effortlessly posing for the camera, eager to capture the moment.

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