Paris Hilton: Passing Down Iconic Style to Daughter London’s Wardrobe

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Paris Hilton opened up about her 4-month-old daughter, London, and her burgeoning wardrobe filled with iconic fashion pieces from her own collection.

The media personality revealed that she has been preparing for her daughter’s fashion journey long before her arrival. “I’ve saved pieces for London my entire life before she was even here,” Hilton shared. “Ever since the beginning, my mom saved me so many amazing pieces.”

Having grown up surrounded by luxury fashion and style, Hilton has amassed a collection of timeless pieces that she has carefully preserved for her daughter. “So I always knew one day when I had a daughter that I wanted to save her all of my favorite iconic pieces,” she explained.

With London now in her life, Hilton is excited to see her daughter inherit these cherished items. “She is going to have quite the wardrobe!” Hilton exclaimed, hinting at the stylish future that awaits her little one.

This glimpse into Hilton’s thoughtful approach to curating her daughter’s wardrobe highlights the bond between generations and the enduring influence of iconic fashion pieces. As London grows, she will undoubtedly carry on her mother’s legacy of style with grace and glamour.

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