IDF Reveals Shocking Details -Iran launched 350 missiles and drones overnight with combined 60 tons of explosive

In a press conference, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari revealed that around 350 Iranian missiles and drones were launched at Israel in an overnight attack. The combined payload of these projectiles amounted to approximately 60 tons of explosives, posing a significant threat.

Hagari emphasized the potential for immense damage posed by such a large-scale assault. Despite the severity of the situation, he assured that the Israeli military is actively responding to the threat. Following assessments and strategic planning, both defensive and offensive measures have been approved and implemented.

While maintaining Home Front Command guidelines for safety, Hagari expressed the army’s commitment to easing restrictions wherever possible. He underscored the failure of Iran’s aggressive plan, noting that only a fraction of the launched missiles breached Israeli territory, causing minimal damage to the Nevatim airforce base infrastructure.

The IDF’s swift response and effective defense strategies have mitigated the impact of the attack, highlighting Israel’s resilience in the face of external threats.

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