Manipur Government Initiates Legal Action Against ITLF’s ‘Self-Rule’ Declaration; Strong Condemnation and Resolution by State Authorities

The Manipur government has decided to take legal action against the Indigenous Tribal Forum (ITLF) for its recent declaration of ‘self-rule’ in certain districts of Manipur.The state government has asserted that appropriate legal action is being initiated against the Indigenous Tribal Leader’s Forum (ITLF) and people concerned for threatening the Manipur government to set up a ‘self-government’ in the Kuki Zo inhabited area if the demand for ‘separate administration’ was not fulfilled within two weeks.
Law Minister Th Basanta Kumar said this while addressing reporters on Thursday.He said the Manipur government strongly condemned the recent statement of the ITLF to declare ‘self-government’ in Kuki-Zo dominated area which aimed at vitiating and disturbing the law and order situation of Manipur.
“The statement has no legal or constitutional basis. This irresponsible statement appears to be motivated and aimed at vitiating and disturbing the law and order situation of the state,” said the law minister.A meeting of ruling legislators was held on Thursday and resolved to condemn the statement of ITLF in the strongest terms.

In a video message, the general secretary of ITLF, Muan Tombing said, “More than six months have passed since the ethnic strife started in Manipur but nothing has been done regarding our demand for a separate administration. If our demand is not heard within a couple of weeks, we will set up our government, irrespective of whether the Centre recognises it.”
Meanwhile, Basanta Kumar, the state education minister, responded to the complaint regarding the Class 11 textbook which allegedly distorted the history of Manipur, and said the state government had directed them to stop the sale of the book titled ‘History of Manipur’.

He said a committee had been formed in August to monitor similar types of books that could mislead Manipur history.The minister said the committee will examine the book to take necessary steps.