King Charles Sparks Controversy: Prince Harry ‘Furious’ Over Military Role Handover to Prince William

King Charles has sparked ire from his younger son, Prince Harry, with his latest move, leaving the prince reportedly ‘furious’. This comes shortly after the monarch declined to meet Harry during his visit to the UK.

Reports from 10 News First suggest that Prince Harry is seething after King Charles appointed Prince William to a prestigious military position, one that Harry once held. The decision places William at the helm of the regiment where Harry had previously served.

The palace’s announcement on Tuesday indicated the formal transfer of the role of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps from King Charles to Prince William. This move has raised eyebrows, especially regarding Harry’s response.

Royal expert Angela Levin shared her insights, hinting that had Harry remained a working royal, the outcome might have differed. However, she noted that William’s aviation expertise and his position in the line of succession likely influenced the decision.

Notably, King Charles made the announcement while Harry and Meghan Markle were on a visit to Nigeria. The couple had stepped back from their senior royal duties in 2020, relocating to the United States.

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