Cara Delevingne’s $7 Million Mansion Reduced to Rubble After Mysterious Fire

Cara Delevingne’s $7 million mansion in Los Angeles has been transformed into a massive pile of rubble following a destructive fire on March 15, as reported by the Daily Mail. Despite over a month of investigation by the Los Angeles Fire Department, the cause of the blaze remains officially undetermined.

According to TMZ, investigators have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the fire that engulfed the 31-year-old model’s residence. Bulldozers have now been spotted at the property, with even the unaffected pool being fenced off in preparation for demolition.

Initially, Cara, who was in London at the time of the incident, feared that her two cats had perished in the tragedy. Taking to her Instagram stories, she mourned their loss, sharing a picture of the pair and writing, “My heart is broken today. I cannot believe it. Life can change in a blink of an eye so cherish what you have.”

However, in a subsequent update, Cara revealed that her beloved pets were safe and sound, expressing gratitude to the firefighters for rescuing them. “They are alive!! Thank you to the firefighters,” she wrote, accompanied by a heart emoji.

The demolition of her mansion marks the end of a tumultuous chapter for Delevingne, who is now left to grapple with the aftermath of the devastating fire while counting her blessings for the safety of her cherished feline companions.

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