Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Motherhood, Future Plans, and Self-Love Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Kylie Jenner addressed ongoing speculation regarding a possible third child while navigating the buzz surrounding her relationship with Timothee Chalamet. The renowned beauty entrepreneur, frequently in the spotlight for both her professional and personal endeavors, recently expanded her empire to India in April 2024.

In an interview for Homme girls, Jenner, 26, shared insights into her immediate future. Despite already being a mother to Stormi Webster and Aire Webster, she disclosed that she currently lacks a concrete plan or a predetermined number of children. “I think that whatever happens is meant to happen,” she remarked, emphasizing her belief in fate. However, Jenner asserted her sense of agency, stating, “But I also feel very in control of my life and my decisions.”

Reflecting on motherhood’s transformative impact on her perception of beauty, Jenner expressed how it fostered a deeper sense of self-love. “Oh, it’s changed so much,” she acknowledged. Seeing her own features mirrored in her children, particularly her daughter, has bolstered her self-esteem. “I get to see my beauty in her, and it’s made me love myself more for sure,” she added.

Jenner also reminisced about the blessings of experiencing a rich life at a young age, expressing gratitude for her family, friends, and the myriad opportunities she has encountered. “I’ve never been happier,” she affirmed, underscoring her growing appreciation for life’s manifold blessings.

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