Who want to Kill Arvind Kejriwal In Jail ? Atishi Accuses BJP Amid Insulin Denial Controversy

In a startling revelation, Aam Aadmi Party leader Atishi has raised serious concerns about a purported scheme to eliminate Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Atishi’s allegations come amidst a contentious situation where Kejriwal, a Type 2 diabetes patient, is allegedly being denied insulin despite repeated pleas.

The accusation follows the Enforcement Directorate’s objection to a request for Kejriwal’s video consultation with his regular physician. This move by the ED, which apprehended Kejriwal in connection with an alleged liquor policy scandal on March 21, has sparked uproar and suspicion.

According to Atishi, the timing of these events suggests a sinister motive. She asserts that if the BJP fails to defeat Kejriwal at the ballot box, a more sinister plan is underway to eliminate him by keeping him incarcerated. Emphasizing Kejriwal’s long-standing battle with severe diabetes, Atishi highlights the dire consequences of denying him proper medical care.

Responding to the ED’s argument that Kejriwal endangers his health by consuming items like mangoes and sweets, Atishi refutes the claim, asserting that Kejriwal follows a strict diet prescribed by his doctor, which includes low-calorie sweeteners. She accuses the ED of fabricating falsehoods to undermine Kejriwal’s health and well-being.

The ED’s contention that Kejriwal consumes foods unsuitable for diabetics is met with scorn by Atishi, who clarifies that Kejriwal is allowed specific dietary indulgences under medical guidance. She denounces the agency’s tactics and urges them to abide by court orders ensuring Kejriwal’s access to essential foods and medical provisions.

In a dramatic turn, Atishi confronts the ED’s claims regarding Kejriwal’s alleged consumption of bananas to raise his blood sugar levels. She challenges the agency to consult medical experts, emphasizing that such practices are common among diabetes patients for maintaining stable glucose levels.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Kejriwal’s health intersects with his arrest by the ED, which accuses him of involvement in the liquor policy scandal. Kejriwal and the AAP vehemently deny these allegations, attributing them to political vendetta ahead of crucial elections.

As Kejriwal awaits his legal recourse, the nation watches with bated breath as the narrative surrounding his health and legal battle unfolds in the coming days.

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