King Charles’ Son Prince Harry Sparks Controversy: US Residency Date Aligned with Frogmore Eviction Fuels Speculation

Prince Harry has seemingly stirred up controversy by synchronizing the date of his US residency documentation with the day of his eviction from Frogmore Cottage, a move that some perceive as a deliberate act of provocation towards his father, King Charles, who is battling cancer.

Royal Editor Charlotte Griffiths weighed in on the situation, highlighting the significance of Prince Harry’s choice in timing. She noted that while Prince Harry had the flexibility to select any date to mark his residency, he specifically opted for the day when he and Meghan formally stepped away from their roles as working royals.

During an interview with GB News host Ben Leo, Griffiths suggested that Prince Harry’s decision could be interpreted as a form of “trolling” directed at his father during a challenging period. She remarked, “It wouldn’t surprise me if he intentionally included that date to antagonize his father,” emphasizing the emotional weight of such actions, particularly amidst King Charles’s health struggles.

Griffiths further contextualized the situation by referencing the events leading up to Prince Harry’s eviction from Frogmore Cottage. She explained that King Charles made the difficult decision to ask Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to vacate the residence following a reported dispute involving comments made about Camilla in the media. Despite Frogmore Cottage being a gift from the late Queen Elizabeth, the strained relationship dynamics led to the eviction.

This latest development adds another layer to the ongoing tensions within the royal family, with Prince Harry’s deliberate choice of timing drawing attention to the complexities of their interpersonal dynamics.

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