Prince Harry’s Alleged UK Ties Severance Sparks Speculation of US Citizenship Pursuit

Amidst swirling rumors of Prince Harry’s intentions to establish permanent residency in the United States, accusations have surfaced suggesting that he’s deliberately severing his ties to the UK in pursuit of American citizenship.

The spotlight intensifies as revelations emerge, indicating that the Prince may need to formally “renounce all allegiance to any foreign prince, state, or sovereign” as part of the citizenship process.

Commenting on the matter, seasoned expert Phil Dampier shares insights with The Sun, remarking on the symbolic weight of Harry’s actions. Dampier suggests that Harry’s departure from Frogmore Cottage, a move necessitated by the royal family to underscore the couple’s estrangement from “The Firm,” has left a lasting impact. It appears, Dampier observes, that Harry now acknowledges and embraces his new reality, centered in the United States.

Having parted ways with the Royal Family alongside his wife Meghan Markle and their son, Prince Archie, back in 2020, Harry’s journey has been marked by public scrutiny and personal revelations. Accusations of racism within the Royal Family, aired publicly by Harry and Meghan, further fueled their departure narrative. Today, the couple resides in California, where they recently welcomed their daughter, Princess Lilibet, into the world.

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