Google Fires 50 Employees for Protesting Israeli Government Contract! Find Out Why CEO Sundar Pichai is Under Fire!

Google employees are taking a stand against what they see as unfair treatment. A group of workers has lodged a complaint with the US labor board, asserting that Google wrongfully terminated approximately 50 employees who protested against the company’s cloud contract with the Israeli government. These former employees argue that their rights were violated under labor laws.


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The complaint, submitted to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), contends that Google infringed upon the workers’ rights by firing them for engaging in protected activity. Specifically, they claim that discussing work conditions related to projects like the cloud contract falls within their rights. One of the fired employees emphasized that such discussions are legally protected under the National Labor Relations Act, regardless of Google’s stance.

August 19, 2018 Mountain View / CA / USA – Google logo on one of the buildings situated in Googleplex, the company’s main campus in Silicon Valley

According to documents obtained by The Washington Post, the terminated employees allege that Google retaliated against them for participating in peaceful protests directly related to their working conditions. Former employee Zelda Montes, who was arrested during a protest against Project Nimbus, believes that Google fired workers to discourage organizing efforts and to send a clear message of intolerance toward dissent.

The protests at Google offices in New York and California were sparked by concerns over Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion cloud contract awarded to Google and by the Israeli government. Some employees view this project as supporting the development of military technologies, prompting sit-ins and subsequent terminations.

In response to these events, Google CEO Sundar Pichai cautioned employees against using company platforms for contentious discussions, emphasizing a focus on work rather than disruptive issues or political debates.

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