Shocking Revelation: PTI Exposes Election Rigging Scandal in Explosive White Paper!

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken a bold step in unveiling a comprehensive white paper alleging foul play in the February 8 general elections. They have urged the establishment of a judicial commission to delve into what they term as the “misappropriation of 180 seats”.

Barrister Gohar, Chairman of PTI, voiced their concerns during a press conference in Islamabad, asserting, “We rightfully clinched 180 seats in the elections. However, through the dubious means of Form 47, our seats were redistributed to other parties.”

Despite lodging a petition in the Supreme Court, Gohar lamented the delay in hearing their case. “We are presenting a 234-page white paper to elucidate how the people’s mandate was usurped,” he emphasized.

In a twist of events, although PTI-backed independent candidates secured the highest number of National Assembly seats, the coalition government at the center was formed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in collaboration with other parties, including Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). This maneuvering, coupled with PTI members contesting as independents, deprived PTI of its rightful share of reserved seats.

Gohar, referencing the Election Commission of Pakistan’s invalidation of PTI’s intra-party polls, alleged coercion in forcing PTI to contest without its signature ‘bat’ symbol. “Our triumph was inverted into defeat through the manipulation of Form 47,” he asserted.

The white paper draws upon findings from international organizations, foreign media, and newspapers, underscoring the gravity of PTI’s claims. Furthermore, PTI advocates for comprehensive electoral reforms to eradicate malpractices from future polls.

Omar Ayub, PTI’s Secretary General, castigated the Election Commission, accusing it of mismanagement despite receiving substantial funds for conducting transparent elections. He demanded the resignation of the chief election commissioner, highlighting the failure to ensure fair polls in the country.

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