Chris Hemsworth’s Tribute: Behind the Names of His Sons and the Influence of Hollywood Icon Brad Pitt

Chris Hemsworth recently unveiled the intriguing origins behind the names of his two sons, shedding light on his admiration for Hollywood icon Brad Pitt.Known globally as the hammer-wielding Thor in Marvel’s cinematic universe, Hemsworth delved into the backstory of his children’s names during a candid discussion.

The 38-year-old actor revealed a deep-seated reverence for Pitt, particularly for his portrayal of Tristan Ludlow in the timeless classic “Legends of the Fall.” He nostalgically reminisced how the film, a cherished favorite from his youth, was a constant companion during bonding sessions with his brother.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Hemsworth didn’t hold back his praise for Pitt, affirming, “there’s never been a more captivating presence on screen.” It was during a shared viewing of the movie with his wife, Elsa Pataky, during her pregnancy that inspiration struck.

Engrossed in the narrative, Hemsworth proposed naming one of their twins after Pitt’s enigmatic character, Tristan. With enthusiasm, he posed the question to Pataky, recognizing the allure and appeal of the character.

But the familial connection didn’t end there. The other twin, Sasha, bears the name of a close friend and stuntman, underscoring the deeply personal significance woven into the fabric of their family’s naming traditions.

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