Victoria Beckham Reflects on Age, Fame, and Embracing Happiness at 50

“Victoria Beckham celebrated her 50th birthday with her family and the Spice Girls. And is now reflecting on how she got the ‘reputation of being such a miserable cow.’

Victoria reflected on how ageing has made her more comfortable with dealing with fame and scrutiny, and ultimately makes her look happier in pictures compared to when she was younger.“I looked at some pictures of myself recently and was really struck by how happy I looked,” she told Sunday Times Style.

She then reflected on the past, explaining, “In the past, I’ve always looked at those red carpet pictures of me and seen a woman who looks nervous and insecure. Everyone else saw a woman who looked grumpy and stern — I suppose that’s how I got the reputation of being such a miserable cow.”

Sharing her thoughts about turning 50 and her future, she gushed, “I’m excited about the future,” she said. “The thing with ageing is that it is what it is.” The fashion designer went on to share a great piece of advice she once received on ageing, saying, “I always remember Marc Jacobs saying to me when he turned 60 that it was better than the alternative of not turning 60. It’s good advice!”

“But generally I feel good about things. I have better opportunities now than I did when I was younger,” she noted.Victoria has been celebrating her 50th for a few days now and has been documenting it on social media. In a new delightful video, the Spice Girls danced to their hit ‘Stop’ as David filmed them.”

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