Scarlett Johansson Denied Restraining Order Against Stalker, Leaves Her Vulnerable

Scarlett Johansson faced a legal setback as her plea for a restraining order against a stalker, Michael Joseph Branham, was turned down. Branham, who claims paternity of Johansson’s son, Cosmo, born in 2021, has been the source of significant distress for Johansson and her family. Despite her efforts, the court denied the restraining order due to procedural issues, leaving Johansson vulnerable to Branham’s continued harassment.

The denial of the restraining order dissolved all legal protections for Johansson and heightened the fear and concern for her safety. Johansson initially sought the restraining order in November 2023 after enduring months of distress due to Branham’s escalating obsession. His actions included showing up uninvited at her residence, leaving toys and letters intended for her son, and attempting to track her movements, particularly alarming given her frequent attendance at public events.

Branham’s persistent harassment has left Johansson and her family feeling unprotected and fearful for their safety. Despite Johansson’s efforts to secure legal protection, the court’s decision has left her vulnerable to Branham’s continued intrusive behavior. The denial of the restraining order underscores the challenges individuals face in dealing with stalking and harassment cases, highlighting the need for improved legal mechanisms to address such threats effectively.

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