Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden Prepares to Enchant Visitors: 1.7 Million Blooms Await on March 19

Asia’s largest tulip garden, boasting 1.7 million tulips, is set to enchant visitors starting March 19, according to Sheikh Fayaz, Commissioner Secretary of Parks, Gardens, and Floriculture. In an exclusive interview with Rising Kashmir, Sheikh Fayaz revealed that meticulous preparations are underway to ensure the garden’s timely opening, with all necessary arrangements in place and tulip saplings currently being planted.

This year’s garden will feature 1.7 million flowers, with the Department of Floriculture introducing five new tulip varieties and expanding the garden’s area. Commissioner Secretary Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad reiterated the department’s dedication to enhancing the allure of the Tulip Garden, highlighting the addition of these new varieties, bringing the total count to 73.

Anticipating a surge in tourist footfall, travel agencies are optimistic about the Tulip Garden’s role as a major attraction for visitors from around the world, potentially boosting the Valley’s summer tourism season. To further promote Kashmir tourism, the department plans to organize a tulip festival.

Sheikh Fayaz underscored the garden’s significance, noting its inclusion in the World Book of Records and expressing confidence in surpassing last year’s tourist record. He conducted a thorough review of ongoing civil works in the garden, directing officials to expedite pending tasks and ensuring the Director of Floriculture personally oversees the execution for timely completion.

In 2023, over 3 lakh tourists visited the Tulip Garden in Srinagar, and officials are optimistic about surpassing this record in the upcoming season.

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