Sydney Sweeney: Crafting Blood-Stained Brilliance in Horror

As both the mastermind behind and the lead star of the upcoming horror flick, the 26-year-old actress recently shared with Entertainment Weekly a key request she had during the filming process.

“My main ask was to end the movie drenched in blood,” she revealed, drawing inspiration from iconic films like Ready or Not and Carrie.

Expanding on her vision, Sydney added, “I adore those climactic moments where the female protagonist emerges as a total badass after enduring countless trials.”

Teaming up with director Michael Mohan, with whom she collaborated on the 2021 film The Voyeurs and the 2018 TV series Everything Sucks!, they aimed for a delicate balance between light-hearted moments and intense thrills.

“I’m a huge aficionado of various horror subgenres and insisted on incorporating plenty of jump scares,” shared the Euphoria star.

She continued, “Meanwhile, Mike leans towards psychological thrillers, so he brought in those lingering, suspenseful shots. It was a fusion of our shared love for horror, coupled with a desire to innovate and push boundaries creatively.”

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