Shawwal Moon not sighted in Saudi Arabia

Eid ul Fitr is set to illuminate Saudi Arabia’s skies on Wednesday, as the Shawwal moon remained elusive on Tuesday, delaying the festive celebrations.

Saudi authorities had urged citizens to keep a keen eye on the evening horizon on April 8 for any glimpse of the Shawwal moon. The Saudi Supreme Court emphasized the importance of reporting any sighting promptly to the appropriate authorities, be it through unaided eyes or with binoculars, in accordance with Sharia law.

This year, Ramadan began on March 11, marking a period of fasting from sunrise to sunset for Muslims worldwide.Eid ul Fitr, a joyous occasion in the Islamic calendar, involves feasts, communal prayers, and the exchange of gifts. The festivities extend over three days in the month of Shawwal.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the Met Office anticipated Eid ul Fitr to commence on April 10, with the expectation of spotting the Shawwal moon on April 9.

According to the PMD, the crescent was due to emerge on April 8 at 11:21 PM, reaching an age of 19 to 20 hours by the following day’s Maghrib prayer. A window of over 50 minutes around sunset was deemed optimal for spotting the crescent.

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