Meghan Markle’s UK Return Plans Spark Controversy Amidst Public and Expert Criticism

Meghan Markle’s plans to return to the UK have recently sparked significant backlash from experts due to their perceived suspicious nature, especially since she is not expected to receive the hero’s welcome her husband might get.

Catherine Meyer-Funnell commented on Meghan Markle’s current status in the UK in her piece for Express UK. She noted, “Although Harry has made clear his desires to come back and see his family, it’s a rather different story for the Duchess, who is not coming home to a hero’s welcome like her husband.”

She further explained, “Meghan would be returning to a country that was never really her home, far away from her family and friends, to people who have made clear their suspicions of her.”

Meyer-Funnell added, “At some point, Meghan will have to make her grand return to the UK, but she will no doubt want to feel as confident in her decision as possible when she does so, and there is no knowing what that may take.”

Additionally, royal expert Jennie Bond commented on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s diminishing relevance and their personal announcements often coinciding with royal events. “I can’t honestly imagine that they are sitting there scheming to make announcements on the same day as a royal event. Surely they are bigger than that?” she remarked to OK!.

She acknowledged, “It’s true that there have been some rather strange coincidences in the past regarding the timing of their announcements. But I think they are becoming less and less relevant to the news over here, and the Royal Family will command the attention every time.”

This follows Meghan Markle’s launch of her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard in March, coinciding with the Diana Legacy Awards attended by Prince Harry and Prince William. She also launched new products of her brand on the same day as Trooping the Colour, releasing raspberry jam and dog biscuits just two hours before the parade.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate made headlines with her first public appearance amid cancer treatment at Trooping the Colour, accompanied by her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Experts criticized Meghan Markle for her missteps regarding Kate Middleton.

Royal commentator Richard Eden discussed Meghan’s publicity stunts on The Daily Mail’s Palace Confidential podcast. “Meghan has done these publicity stunts where she sends out goods and encourages friends and influencers to post about them,” he said.

He elaborated, “But you never know when they’re going to do it or what they’ll say, so it’s completely out of your control. Yes, you get great publicity when these people say, ‘I got my latest jam,’ but it’s embarrassing if it’s just before Catherine’s appearance at Trooping. It can look very pointed.”

Rebecca English agreed, adding, “It is clumsy. You can’t expect them to have known that the announcement was coming out because people don’t tell them things because they don’t trust them.”

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