Shakira’s Vocal Evolution: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Artistic Growth

Shakira, the renowned Colombian songbird, appears to have dedicated herself to refining her vocal prowess.Following her separation from former Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, Shakira is said to have redoubled her efforts in advancing her career.In a recent appearance on Hot Ones, the Colombian songstress candidly admitted, “I used to overemphasize the emotional aspects in my voice (sings), you know, it was a bit excessive.”

Reflecting further, she remarked, “It was somewhat exaggerated… too much Shakira.”

She then noted, “I noticed that after my pregnancies, my voice gained depth, became richer, more resonant.””My artistic choices have also matured. I’ve evolved as a woman, as an individual. My perspective has broadened,” she added before moving on from the subject.

These insights come on the heels of the Waka Waka sensation revealing that her sons, Sasha and Milan, whom she shares with former partner Gerard, were not fond of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

Discussing the blockbuster, the Hips Don’t Lie star disclosed to Allure magazine, “My sons really disliked it. They felt it was diminishing.””And I concur, to some extent. Raising two boys, I aim for them to feel empowered while also respecting women,” she concluded.

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