Rajnath Singh Reveals Azad Kashmir will itself merge with India

In a recent appearance on India TV’s ‘AAP ki Adalat’, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh highlighted an intriguing development regarding (Azad Kashmir ) Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). He expressed confidence that the people of PoK are increasingly advocating for integration with India, signaling a significant shift in sentiment within the region.

Singh emphasized that this shift isn’t merely speculative but grounded in the genuine aspirations of PoK residents themselves. He underlined this during a response to Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recent remarks on Kashmir, asserting that the focus should be on Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir instead. Singh pointed out that over a year ago, he foresaw a natural progression towards PoK’s alignment with India, driven by the growing demand from its populace.

When questioned about any government plans regarding this matter, Singh remained tight-lipped, indicating strategic discretion. However, he reiterated India’s steadfast commitment to non-aggression, citing its longstanding policy of refraining from territorial expansion through force. Nevertheless, he underscored PoK’s historical and rightful connection to India, expressing confidence in its eventual integration.

Backing Singh’s assertions, political activist Amjad Ayub Mirza from PoK echoed similar sentiments earlier, stating that residents are disillusioned with Pakistani rule and increasingly seek integration with India. Mirza’s remarks shed light on the ground reality, emphasizing the grassroots movement towards alignment with India.

Singh also addressed concerns about potential threats, particularly from China. While emphasizing India’s preference for peaceful relations with all nations, he underscored India’s readiness to defend its sovereignty if provoked. He reassured that India has evolved into a formidable force on the global stage, capable of safeguarding its interests effectively.

Regarding recent tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, Singh commended the valor of India’s armed forces, particularly in the face of adversity. He praised their resilience and restraint during conflicts, highlighting the sacrifices made in defense of the nation’s integrity.

Singh refuted allegations suggesting India’s apprehension towards China, dismissing such notions as baseless. He emphasized that India under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership stands resolute, unwavering in its commitment to national security.

In addressing infrastructure development along the India-China border, Singh clarified misconceptions regarding the previous government’s stance. He revealed a shift in policy towards proactive infrastructure development under the current administration, aimed at bolstering India’s defense capabilities.

In conclusion, Singh reiterated India’s unwavering stance on territorial integrity and emphasized the nation’s preparedness to address any challenges, both domestically and internationally. He called for unity and support, highlighting the importance of national strength and resolve in the face of adversity.

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