Royal Insider Reveals King Charles’ Heartfelt Bond with Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Battles

In the midst of their shared battles with cancer, Britain’s King Charles has formed a deep bond with Kate Middleton, akin to that of a cherished daughter, according to a royal insider. Revealing the monarch’s genuine affection for his ‘beloved daughter-in-law,’ the insider disclosed to the Telegraph that their connection has only strengthened amid their health challenges.

The source explained that the dynamic between King Charles and Kate Middleton transcends the typical in-law relationship, given his dual roles as both father-in-law and sovereign. While she relies on him for guidance on matters of royal protocol, she turns to her husband, Prince William, and her own parents for familial support.

Although King Charles is not a replacement for Kate’s devoted father, the insider suggests that he treats her with the affection and care he would offer to a daughter. This sentiment was evident when he made a special trip from London to share a private lunch with Kate before she made a significant video statement, as reported by The Sun.

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