Balancing the Royal Load: Concerns Over Princess Anne’s Heavy Workload

Experts have recently cautioned Prince William about over-reliance on Princess Anne for support during Kate Middleton’s cancer recovery. Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser sounded this warning in a recent article for

Elser highlighted the significant workload Prince William and Princess Anne have shouldered since King Charles streamlined the monarchy. She noted, “His Majesty’s return has bolstered the monarchy, but with a significantly reduced roster of active HRH members, the Crown’s capacity is stretched thin.”

Elser emphasized the issue of investitures, where honors are ceremonially bestowed, stating, “Currently, only the King, William, and Princess Anne are authorized to conduct these ceremonies.” She pointed out that of the 18 investitures held this year, Prince William has presided over three, Princess Anne over 15, and the King over none.

Princess Anne, at 73, has already undertaken over 172 public engagements in the first four months of the year. Even elderly royals like the Duke of Kent, aged 88, and the Duke of Gloucester, aged 79, have been active, with 31 and over 26 engagements respectively.

Elser expressed concern, remarking, “While Princess Anne may possess remarkable stamina, there’s a limit to even her endurance.” She clarified that her remarks were not criticism of Prince William but highlighted the growing tension resulting from the current workload distribution.

In conclusion, Elser questioned how long Princess Anne, along with a couple of elderly dukes, could sustain this level of activity, humorously suggesting, “Short of Princess Anne developing a penchant for energy drinks and a concoction of vitality-boosting supplements, the question remains: How sustainable is this pace?”

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