Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Consider Expanding Family Amidst Royal Health Concerns

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considering expanding their family amidst health concerns for King Charles and Kate Middleton.According to Closer Magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hope that having another child will help mend their marital issues.

An insider close to the couple disclosed that they believe a new baby could positively impact their family dynamics and public image.“Meghan is eager for another baby and feels that a third child will help strengthen her relationship with Harry after some challenging months,” the source said.

The couple also anticipates a ‘global boost’ with the announcement of their third child’s arrival. “The news of Archie and Lilibet’s births brought them significant global attention,” the insider added.

“They’re hoping that in addition to bringing joy to their family, a third baby will provide them with much-needed positive publicity.”

Meanwhile, the Royal family is dealing with multiple crises, including King Charles and Kate Middleton facing serious health issues.

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