PPP Lodges Complaint Over Election Day Mobile Service Disruptions

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has raised a formal complaint with the Election Commission of Pakistan regarding the widespread disruptions in mobile and internet services observed nationwide on the day of polling.

At the onset of the day, the Ministry of Interior took the decision to temporarily suspend cellular services throughout Pakistan as a precautionary security measure in light of the ongoing general elections.

A spokesperson from the interior ministry cited recent tragic incidents of terrorism leading up to the elections as the rationale behind this move, emphasizing the need to safeguard lives.

However, this decision faced criticism from various political entities, notably PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), who deemed the suspension of mobile phone services as highly problematic, labeling it as the “most adverse situation.”

In a letter directed to Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja, Taj Haider, the PPP’s election cell in-charge, expressed grave concerns over the sudden disruptions in internet and mobile network connectivity across the country, highlighting its detrimental impact on the electoral process.

Haider emphasized that due to this nationwide disruption, voters were encountering difficulties accessing essential information related to their polling stations and organizing logistics to reach them.

Furthermore, the discontinuation of network services posed significant challenges for voters, candidates, and electoral staff alike, impeding the smooth conduct of the elections.

The PPP urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to take prompt action to restore mobile network and internet connectivity, underscoring the importance of ensuring free and fair elections.

“The immediate restoration of mobile network and internet will serve as a testament to the ECP’s dedication to facilitating a democratic and transparent electoral process in 2024,” the complaint asserted.

Prior to this formal complaint, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had announced the party’s intention to approach both the ECP and relevant judicial authorities to seek the reinstatement of mobile phone services on election day.

In a statement addressed to the public, Bilawal emphasized the urgency of restoring mobile phone services across the country, declaring his party’s commitment to pursuing all available avenues to address this issue.