Meghan Markle Unapologetic About Royal Family Departure, Calls for Kate’s Apology

Meghan Markle shows no signs of remorse for her departure from the Royal Family. The Duchess of Sussex perceives herself as unjustly treated by Prince Harry’s relatives and believes she deserves an apology.

According to royal commentator Tom Quinn, Meghan doesn’t harbor guilt regarding Kate, as she expected Kate to support her through every challenge. “Meghan doesn’t feel guilty about Kate because she believed Kate, as an outsider herself, should have stood by her rather than conforming to royal protocol,” Quinn explained to The Mirror.

While Meghan is saddened by Kate’s unexpected health struggle, she finds it difficult to mend their relationship given its toxicity. “Kate’s cancer diagnosis has deeply affected Meghan, but she sees no immediate solution to reconcile because of the strained dynamic,” Quinn elaborated.

Furthermore, Meghan insists on an apology from Kate before considering reconciliation, emphasizing that any mending of ties should not be seen as opportunistic. “She also doesn’t want people to think she’s reaching out to Kate solely because of her illness. Meghan maintains that Kate was at fault and should extend an apology before they attempt to rebuild their relationship,” Quinn concluded.

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