Congress President Kharge Extols Former PM Manmohan Singh’s Legacy as Retirement Nears

In a poignant gesture marking the impending retirement of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from the Rajya Sabha, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge penned a touching letter extolling Singh’s monumental contributions to India. Kharge’s missive, posted on social media platform X, hailed Singh’s departure as the end of an era and emphasized his enduring stature as a beacon of wisdom and inspiration for the nation’s middle class and aspirational youth.

Kharge expressed his hope that despite stepping away from active politics, Singh would continue to serve as a moral compass, imparting invaluable guidance to the populace. He lamented the reluctance of current leaders to acknowledge Singh’s pivotal role in shaping India’s trajectory, attributing it to political biases.

Singh’s imminent departure from Parliament after a remarkable 33-year tenure prompted Kharge to reflect on the profound impact of his leadership. The letter emphasized Singh’s unparalleled dedication and achievements, portraying him as a revered figure who championed the interests of diverse segments of society.

Kharge underscored Singh’s transformative economic policies, which facilitated the nation’s progress while uplifting millions from poverty. He praised Singh’s inclusive approach, which empowered both large industries and marginalized communities, demonstrating that economic growth could be equitable and inclusive.

Singh’s legacy, according to Kharge, includes landmark initiatives such as the MGNREGA scheme, which continues to provide crucial support to rural workers during times of crisis. Kharge credited Singh with orchestrating India’s unprecedented poverty alleviation efforts, lifting a staggering 27 crore people out of poverty—a feat unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Ultimately, Kharge’s letter serves as a poignant tribute to Manmohan Singh’s indelible imprint on Indian society, highlighting his enduring relevance and unwavering commitment to the nation’s welfare.

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