Powerful Earthquake Strikes Taiwan: Rescue Efforts Underway After Buildings Collapse

After a powerful earthquake struck off Taiwan’s east coast, rescue operations are underway, with at least four casualties reported. The 7.4 magnitude quake caused buildings to collapse in Hualien, the closest city to the epicenter. Taiwan’s mountainous interior experienced landslides, and the tremors were felt as far as the capital, Taipei.

Wu Chien Fu, director of Taipei’s Seismology Centre, described the earthquake as shallow and close to land, making it widely felt across Taiwan and offshore islands. The National Fire Agency confirmed three deaths at a trail around Taroko National Park, with over 50 injuries reported. Some individuals remain trapped in buildings and tunnels in Hualien.

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC evacuated some factories for staff safety, while Apple supplier Foxconn’s response is pending. Tsunami warnings were issued initially but later rescinded. The earthquake’s epicenter, located south of Hualien, led to power cuts, internet outages, and landslides in the island’s mountainous region.

Hualien, situated in a sparsely populated area, faces connectivity challenges due to damaged roads and rail lines. The earthquake recalls the devastating 1999 quake that killed thousands. Neighboring Japan and the Philippines also experienced tsunami warnings, though later cancelled, while tremors were felt in parts of China’s Fujian province.

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