Kris Jenner Shares Hilarious Story of Accidentally Leaving Kendall and Kylie at Christmas Tree Lot

Kris Jenner recently recounted a humorous incident where she accidentally left her daughters, Kendall and Kylie, behind on her way home.

In the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family shared a funny story about forgetting her daughters at a Christmas tree lot.”I once left my kids at the Christmas tree lot and forgot to bring them home,” she said.

Kris detailed how she and her ex-husband, Caitlyn Jenner, each assumed the other was taking the girls home.

“We went to buy a Christmas tree. I think Kendall and Kylie were about 4 and 5 years old, running around. I thought their dad was watching them,” Jenner explained. “He thought I was watching the kids because we met there. I assumed he was taking them home, and he assumed I was taking them home.”

“So, we both drove off in our own cars, leaving the kids behind. They ended up staying at the Christmas tree lot, waiting for us to realize our mistake,” Kris added. “Thankfully, they were okay and just playing there.”

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