BJP Leader Devender Singh Rana Accredits 1987 Rigged Elections in J&K to Terrorism Emergence

Senior BJP leader Mr. Devender Singh Rana highlighted the impact of the rigged elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1987, under the Congress government led by Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. He emphasized that these elections were a turning point, leading to widespread disillusionment and eventually the rise of terrorism in the region.

Addressing prominent members of the Gujjar community in Tehsil Nagrota and Dansal, Mr. Rana stated, “The Congress set the stage for Pakistan to take advantage of the situation post the rigged elections, unleashing terrorism that resulted in large-scale destruction, mayhem, and ethnic cleansing of the peaceful minority community from their homes.”

He pointed out that if the elections had not been rigged and the concerns of the then Governor Jagmohan heeded by the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, guns would not have entered the Valley. He criticized the Congress government for its inaction, which he believed fueled terrorism and led to a prolonged period of violence and destruction in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr. Rana credited the BJP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, for bringing about a course correction and restoring trust in governance mechanisms. He highlighted the significant progress made since August 6, 2019, towards peace, stability, and development in the region.

He also mentioned the transformative initiatives undertaken by the BJP government over the past four years, focusing on the development of Jammu and Kashmir, which had been neglected by previous governments. Mr. Rana emphasized that people in the region are now benefiting from various schemes and initiatives, as peace has paved the way for unprecedented infrastructural development and economic growth.

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