Contrasting Fortunes: Kanye West’s Neglected Calabasas Home vs. Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Estate Amid Legal Turmoil

Kanye West’s once-luxurious home in Calabasas is now in disrepair, contrasting sharply with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s nearby well-maintained and stylishly decorated residence.

West purchased the ranch for over $2 million in 2018, intending to use it for professional and religious purposes, including serving as the headquarters for the Donda Academy and hosting Sunday Service events.

However, recent photos reveal the property has fallen into a state of neglect and is in dire need of repairs, according to the Daily Mail. Just eight miles away, Kardashian’s impressive $60 million villa stands as a testament to opulence.

Meanwhile, Kanye finds himself embroiled in legal troubles as his former aide, Lauren Pisciotta, has accused him of sexual harassment. West has dismissed the allegations as “baseless” and has vowed to pursue legal action, accusing Pisciotta of blackmail and extortion.

His attorney has described her behavior as “lascivious and unhinged,” alleging that she repeatedly used sexual coercion to demand money and valuable items.

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