Kejriwal Claims INDIA Bloc Victory Will Free Judiciary and Secure His Release from Jail

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has stated that if the INDIA bloc wins the ongoing Lok Sabha election, it will relieve the judiciary from the “tremendous pressure” it currently faces, leading to his release from jail on June 5, as he asserts that the charges against him are “bogus.”

Kejriwal, arrested in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case and later granted interim bail by the Supreme Court, indicated that if the Opposition comes to power, he would be freed immediately after the election results are declared.

In an exclusive interview with the Press Trust of India, Kejriwal remarked on the judiciary’s condition, saying, “The judiciary is under tremendous pressure currently. Everyone knows how much pressure they are working under now.”

When asked if the INDIA bloc would exert pressure on courts for his release, Kejriwal responded, “We will not put any pressure. But if the pressure is lifted from the judiciary, then justice will start to be served fairly.”

He defended himself further, saying, “All the cases against me are bogus. There is no money trail anywhere. Not a single paisa has been traced. If there was corruption, where has the money gone?”

Kejriwal was detained by the Enforcement Directorate on March 21 in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case. He was released from Tihar Jail on May 10 to join his party’s campaign for the ongoing Lok Sabha election. He is required to surrender again on June 2, just after the elections conclude.

BJP leaders have claimed that his bail amounts to special treatment, a claim the court has refuted. The judges who granted bail emphasized that no exceptions were made for Kejriwal.

In a surprising move, the Supreme Court, which was hearing Kejriwal’s challenge to his arrest, also agreed to hear his appeal for bail. While granting interim bail, the judges noted the importance of the ongoing Lok Sabha election, describing elections as the “vis viva” (life force) of democracy. They also acknowledged that Kejriwal, as the head of a national party, is not convicted and poses no threat to society.

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The judges dismissed the Enforcement Directorate’s argument that Kejriwal’s statement about not returning to jail if the INDIA bloc wins was contempt of court.Meanwhile, Kejriwal’s former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and former minister Satyender Jain remain in jail.

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