RTI Exposes Hidden Crisis, 400 posts lying vacant at GMC Kathua Jammu

Government Medical College (GMC) Kathua grapples with over 400 unfilled positions while marking significant surgical achievements. Data sourced through RTI by activist MM Shuja unveils the hospital’s struggle with vacancies, despite conducting 40,000 surgeries over five years, with 1,800 reported deaths.

Among the sanctioned 267 gazetted roles, only 154 are filled, leaving 113 positions vacant. Similarly, out of 433 non-gazetted positions, only 206 are occupied, with 227 remaining unfilled. Furthermore, 38 out of 116 Class IV positions await staffing. In total, the hospital operates with 438 occupied positions out of the 816 sanctioned.

Despite these challenges, GMC Kathua has managed to serve approximately 80% of in-patient cases under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Moreover, it has accomplished 16,003 major surgeries and 26,150 minor surgeries over the past five years, showcasing its commitment to healthcare despite staffing shortages.

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