Former Butler Claims Princes William and Harry Failed to Uphold Princess Diana’s Legacy

Prince William and Prince Harry have not upheld the legacy of their late mother, Princess Diana, according to her former butler, Paul Burrell.In an interview with Bella, Burrell expressed that Diana would have been pivotal in resolving the ongoing rift between Harry, William, and King Charles.

He stated that Diana would have urged Harry to apologize to Charles and would have served as a peacemaker to heal their relationship.“Despite the lack of love between Diana and Charles, she believed it was crucial for both boys to be influenced by both parents and to respect their father,” Burrell explained.

He added, “Diana would have ensured Harry apologized to Charles, acting as the broker — she was always the peacemaker.“She wanted the four of them to remain united. It broke her heart when that unity fell apart,” he continued. “The boys were deeply attached to their mother, and her guidance would have been decisive.”Burrell concluded, “Now, with nobody to mediate, I’m afraid it’s a lost cause.”

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