Experts Warn Prince Harry Faces Total Exclusion from Royal Family

Experts warn that Prince Harry risks being completely excluded from all royal affairs as Prince William and King Charles continue to freeze him out.

Royal author and commentator Christopher Andersen revealed these insights according to the New York Post. Andersen emphasized how severely the Duke of Sussex has been isolated from his family.

“They have chosen to ignore Harry, to freeze him out, and to not let him get under their skin when they are facing so many critical challenges,” Andersen explained. “In a way, I think that is even sadder, because it’s been said that hate isn’t the opposite of love—indifference is.”

The King and Prince William reportedly remain unfazed by Harry’s trips abroad, even when Meghan Markle accompanies him. Andersen further noted, “I don’t get the sense they begrudge Harry for his ties to Africa.”

He concluded by stating, “Charles and William have crossed Harry off their list for a plethora of reasons, but making a brief trip with one reporter and one photographer in tow isn’t one of them.”

As the royal family navigates numerous critical challenges, Prince Harry’s growing estrangement signals a deepening rift that shows no signs of mending.

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