Ben Affleck Worried About Safety and Mental Health While with JLo

Ben Affleck is reportedly starting to worry about his safety and mental health while being with JLo.This information comes from a source close to In Touch Weekly.

According to the source, Ben decided to separate because he felt he needed to protect himself. The insider said, “At the end of the day, Ben has to protect himself, and that’s why he initiated the separation.”

Right now, he’s scared that if they stay together, he could really fall apart.The pressure on their relationship started from the beginning, which led to their first breakup.

In the February documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” Ben said, “When Jen and I broke up before, it was because of the huge amount of attention on our private life.”

“I had clear boundaries with the press, but Jen didn’t seem to mind it as much as I did.”He was hopeful this time around and for a while, he went along with it.But eventually, her need for attention and to show off their relationship started to bother Ben.

Comparing both times, the insider said that while Ben was happy and thought he finally got what he wanted, it became too much to handle, especially for someone in recovery.

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