American Visa Appointment Wait Time: Essential Information for Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants

Visa Appointment Wait Times

Planning your travel in advance and applying for your visa early are crucial steps. If you’re aiming to secure a nonimmigrant visa to visit the United States temporarily, it’s important to check the current wait times for interviews using the tool below. Be aware that not all visa applications can be finalized on the interview day; further details are provided below.

Interview Wait Time

The estimated wait time to get a nonimmigrant visa interview appointment at a U.S. embassy or consulate depends on their workload and staffing levels, and it can fluctuate weekly. The provided wait time is an estimate and does not ensure appointment availability.

Interview Waiver Wait Time

Wait times for applicants eligible for an Interview Waiver are specific to locations where applicants submit their passports and required documents to a U.S. embassy or consulate. This wait time estimate excludes the consular officer’s time for adjudicating the application and the mailing time for passports or other documents. Visit the website of the Embassy or Consulate Visa Section where you plan to apply to check your eligibility for an Interview Waiver and for instructions on submitting a nonimmigrant visa application. Note that applicants must be nationals or residents of the country where they are applying to qualify for the Interview Waiver.

Expedited Interview Appointment Qualifications

In urgent, unforeseen circumstances such as a funeral, medical emergency, or school start date, consular sections overseas may expedite your interview date. The process for requesting an expedited nonimmigrant visa interview varies by location. Refer to the instructions on the Embassy or Consulate Visa Section’s website where you will interview, or their online appointment scheduling site. You will need to provide evidence of the need for an expedited appointment.

In all cases, you must first submit the online visa application form (DS-160), pay the application fee, and schedule the earliest available interview appointment. Only then will a consular section consider an expedited appointment request.

Note: Travel for weddings, graduation ceremonies, assisting pregnant relatives, attending annual conferences, or last-minute tourism does not qualify for expedited appointments. For such travel, schedule a regular visa appointment well in advance.

Administrative Processing

These estimates exclude the time required for administrative processing, which may apply to some applications. The duration of administrative processing varies based on the individual case.

Administrative Processing Information

U.S. visa applications can have only two outcomes: issuance or refusal. If a consular officer determines that a visa applicant is not eligible, the application will be refused. Some refused applications may need further administrative processing. If this is necessary, the consular officer will inform the applicant at the end of the interview. The duration of administrative processing will vary case by case. Upon completion, the consular officer may determine that the applicant is now eligible for the visa or remains ineligible. Visa applicants should apply early, well ahead of their intended travel date.

Important Notice: Except in cases of emergency travel (e.g., serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in the immediate family), applicants should wait at least 180 days from the interview date or submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later, before inquiring about the status of administrative processing.

About Visa Processing Wait Times – Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants

Information about nonimmigrant visa interview wait times and processing time frames is available on this website and on U.S. Embassy and Consulate websites globally. Note that the “Wait Times for a Nonimmigrant Visa to be Processed” by country does not include administrative processing time. Processing wait time also excludes the time needed to return the passport to applicants via courier services or local mail.

Additionally, review all information on the specific Embassy or Consulate Visa Section website for local procedures and instructions, including how to schedule an interview. Embassy and Consulate websites also provide details on any additional procedures for students, exchange visitors, and those needing an earlier visa interview appointment.

The estimated wait time to receive an interview appointment at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate can change weekly and is based on actual incoming workload and staffing. These are estimates only and do not guarantee the availability of an appointment.

City/PostInterview RequiredStudent/Exchange Visitors (F, M, J)Interview RequiredPetition-Based Temporary Workers (H, L, O, P, Q)Interview RequiredCrew and Transit (C, D, C1/D)Interview RequiredVisitors (B1/B2)
Abidjan38 Days1 Day1 Day38 Days
Abu Dhabi 26 Days 423 Days
Abuja147 Days8 Days476 Days476 Days
Accra276 Days31 Days6 Days431 Days
Adana   Closed
Addis Ababa58 Days100 Days58 Days100 Days
Algiers80 Days1 Day1 Day80 Days
Almaty17 Days8 Days8 Days17 Days
Amman21 Days7 Days7 Days175 Days
Amsterdam18 Days5 Days13 Days39 Days
Ankara56 Days87 Days 508 Days
Antananarivo7 Days7 Days7 Days7 Days
Apia45 Days45 Days45 Days45 Days
Ashgabat2 Days2 Days2 Days2 Days
Asmara7 Days7 Days7 Days7 Days
Astana21 Days1 Day1 Day38 Days
Asuncion8 Days21 Days7 Days192 Days
Athens45 Days45 Days45 Days45 Days
Auckland10 Days10 Days44 Days44 Days
Baghdad   Emergency Appointments Only
Baku1 Day1 Day1 Day23 Days
Bamako7 Days7 Days7 Days63 Days
Bandar Seri Begawan35 Days35 Days35 Days35 Days
Bangkok2 Days2 Days2 Days66 Days
Bangui   Non-Visa Processing Post
Banjul200 Days40 Days40 Days200 Days
Barcelona   Non-Visa Processing Post
Beijing7 Days9 Days28 Days66 Days
Beirut20 Days40 Days160 Days160 Days
Belfast21 Days28 Days28 Days105 Days
Belgrade2 Days21 Days2 Days2 Days
Belmopan7 Days7 Days21 Days21 Days
Berlin11 Days64 Days3 Days28 Days
Bern1 Day1 Day1 Day3 Days
Bishkek2 Days2 Days2 Days35 Days
Bogota5 Days5 Days5 Days640 Days
Brasilia2 Days2 Days2 Days21 Days
Bratislava1 Day1 Day1 Day3 Days
Brazzaville64 Days64 Days325 Days325 Days
Bridgetown38 Days12 Days19 Days75 Days
Brussels22 Days22 Days22 Days22 Days
Bucharest7 Days7 Days7 Days180 Days
Budapest50 Days35 Days35 Days150 Days
Buenos Aires2 Days3 Days3 Days91 Days
Bujumbura21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days
Cairo5 Days5 Days102 Days102 Days
Calgary36 Days67 Days864 Days864 Days
Canberra   Non-Visa Processing Post
Cape Town8 Days22 Days22 Days21 Days
Caracas   Closed
Casablanca4 Days171 Days171 Days171 Days
Chengdu   Closed
Chennai ( Madras)312 Days113 Days7 Days515 Days
Chiang Mai7 Days 7 Days30 Days
Chisinau20 Days20 Days22 Days55 Days
Ciudad Juarez3 Days3 Days3 Days812 Days
Colombo30 Days21 Days30 Days105 Days
Conakry7 Days7 Days7 Days7 Days
Copenhagen35 Days1 Day1 Day37 Days
Cotonou190 Days190 Days190 Days190 Days
Curacao14 Days14 Days14 Days45 Days
Dakar10 Days10 Days12 Days99 Days
Damascus   Closed
Dar Es Salaam13 Days6 Days6 Days92 Days
Dhahran2 Days3 Days2 Days2 Days
Dhaka303 Days11 Days38 Days282 Days
DiliSame Day  Same Day
Djibouti10 Days35 Days35 Days35 Days
Doha43 Days8 Days9 Days33 Days
Dubai44 Days50 Days 379 Days
Dublin9 Days10 Days5 Days18 Days
Durban14 Days23 Days23 Days23 Days
Dushanbe3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Erbil   Emergency Appointments Only
Florence7 Days4 Days7 Days24 Days
Frankfurt28 Days28 Days28 Days39 Days
Freetown86 Days86 Days86 Days86 Days
Fukuoka   Non-Visa Processing Post
Gaborone30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Georgetown3 DaysSame Day3 Days30 Days
Guadalajara7 Days3 Days3 Days813 Days
Guangzhou13 Days11 Days12 Days109 Days
Guatemala City15 Days24 Days17 Days574 Days
Guayaquil57 Days77 Days119 Days267 Days
Halifax60 Days90 Days877 Days877 Days
Hamilton12 Days12 Days12 Days12 Days
Hanoi4 Days6 Days2 Days5 Days
Harare5 Days5 Days5 Days60 Days
Havana   Emergency Appointments Only
Helsinki26 Days21 Days23 Days45 Days
Hermosillo7 Days3 Days3 Days702 Days
Ho Chi Minh City21 Days10 Days10 Days28 Days
Hong Kong8 Days3 Days2 Days82 Days
Hyderabad266 Days2 Days1 Day268 Days
Islamabad18 Days  345 Days
Istanbul105 Days111 Days84 Days613 Days
Jakarta7 Days7 Days14 Days21 Days
Jeddah1 Day2 Days1 Day17 Days
Jerusalem107 Days72 Days31 Days31 Days
Johannesburg42 Days42 Days42 Days43 Days
Juba   Closed
Kabul   Closed
Kampala75 Days60 Days60 Days220 Days
Kaohsiung   Non-Visa Processing Post
Karachi28 Days1 Day3 Days220 Days
Kathmandu298 Days8 Days1 Day298 Days
Khartoum   Closed
Kigali73 Days78 Days78 Days78 Days
Kingston9 Days8 Days2 Days15 Days
Kinshasa150 Days7 Days7 Days101 Days
Kolkata266 Days  137 Days
Kolonia21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days
Koror30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Krakow3 Days1 Day1 Day1 Day
Kuala Lumpur2 Days2 Days2 Days2 Days
Kuwait1 Day1 Day1 Day1 Day
Kyiv   Closed
La Paz5 Days2 Days90 Days90 Days
Lagos163 Days7 Days423 Days423 Days
Lahore   Closed
Libreville119 Days119 Days119 Days119 Days
Lilongwe28 Days28 Days28 Days171 Days
Lima14 Days11 Days11 Days336 Days
Lisbon2 Days10 Days30 Days1 Day
Ljubljana10 Days10 Days10 Days10 Days
Lome21 Days21 Days21 Days120 Days
London13 Days13 Days14 Days100 Days
Luanda21 Days1 Day1 Day20 Days
Lusaka33 Days264 Days264 Days264 Days
Luxembourg17 Days12 Days17 Days17 Days
Madrid3 Days9 Days17 Days289 Days
Majuro   Emergency Appointments Only
Malabo323 Days323 Days323 Days323 Days
Managua1 Day1 Day1 Day1 Day
Manama4 Days4 Days4 Days21 Days
Manila38 Days24 Days17 Days68 Days
Maputo3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Marseille   Closed
Maseru   Closed
Matamoros3 Days2 Days2 Days651 Days
Mbabane14 Days45 Days45 Days45 Days
Melbourne24 Days3 Days22 Days66 Days
Merida2 Days1 Day1 Day793 Days
Mexicali Tpf   Closed
Mexico City7 Days28 Days28 Days842 Days
Milan4 Days1 Day1 Day15 Days
Minsk   Closed
Monrovia4 Days 4 Days4 Days
Monterrey3 Days2 Days1 Day658 Days
Montevideo7 Days3 Days64 Days64 Days
Montreal   Emergency Appointments Only
Moscow   Closed
Mumbai (Bombay)144 Days 30 Days506 Days
Munich21 Days21 Days21 Days43 Days
Muscat127 Days127 Days127 Days127 Days
N`Djamena32 Days178 Days178 Days178 Days
Naha1 Day8 Days8 Days8 Days
Nairobi22 Days16 Days15 Days15 Days
Naples4 Days1 Day1 Day15 Days
Nassau3 Days3 Days3 Days76 Days
New Delhi253 Days 115 Days147 Days
Niamey147 Days 147 Days147 Days
Nicosia3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Nogales1 Day7 Days7 Days703 Days
Nouakchott14 Days14 Days14 Days14 Days
Nuevo Laredo1 Day1 Day648 Days648 Days
Osaka/Kobe5 Days5 Days5 Days131 Days
Oslo2 Days2 Days2 Days3 Days
Ottawa60 Days90 Days150 Days913 Days
Ouagadougou255 Days  291 Days
Panama City7 Days2 Days7 Days469 Days
Paramaribo2 Days2 Days2 Days7 Days
Paris29 Days143 Days1 Day529 Days
Perth78 Days784 Days78 Days78 Days
Phnom Penh22 Days22 Days22 Days22 Days
Podgorica3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Ponta Delgada   Non-Visa Processing Post
Port Au Prince   Emergency Appointments Only
Port Louis22 Days22 Days22 Days22 Days
Port Moresby28 Days28 Days28 Days28 Days
Port Of Spain1 Day1 Day4 Days22 Days
Porto Alegre   Closed
Prague22 Days31 Days58 Days58 Days
Praia3 Days3 Days3 Days89 Days
Pretoria   Non-Visa Processing Post
Pristina3 Days65 Days 65 Days
Quebec60 Days150 Days150 Days710 Days
Quito3 Days3 Days3 Days420 Days
Rangoon150 Days150 Days150 Days150 Days
Recife1 Day2 Days2 Days58 Days
Reykjavik64 Days64 Days64 Days64 Days
Riga2 Days2 Days2 Days2 Days
Rio De Janeiro4 Days17 Days12 Days84 Days
Riyadh50 Days15 Days62 Days62 Days
Rome4 Days1 Day1 Day15 Days
San Jose4 Days4 Days4 Days506 Days
San Salvador7 Days4 Days12 Days74 Days
Sanaa   Closed
Santiago21 Days21 Days21 Days24 Days
Santo Domingo7 Days10 Days8 Days239 Days
Sao Paulo3 Days3 Days3 Days66 Days
Sapporo60 Days   
Sarajevo79 Days10 Days10 Days110 Days
Seoul1 Day1 Day21 Days21 Days
Shanghai30 Days60 Days30 Days106 Days
Shenyang2 Days2 Days45 Days45 Days
Singapore10 Days24 Days3 Days24 Days
Skopje21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days
Sofia10 Days15 Days20 Days18 Days
St Georges   Closed
St Petersburg   Closed
Stockholm14 Days28 Days21 Days78 Days
Surabaya2 Days3 Days2 Days24 Days
Suva31 Days31 Days31 Days38 Days
Sydney15 Days17 Days15 Days74 Days
Taipei26 Days50 Days4 Days74 Days
Tallinn7 Days7 Days7 Days14 Days
Tashkent21 Days21 Days21 Days21 Days
Tbilisi3 Days3 Days3 Days110 Days
Tegucigalpa9 Days8 Days8 Days868 Days
Tel Aviv7 Days2 Days2 Days31 Days
Tijuana1 Day3 Days1 Day862 Days
Tijuana Tpf1 Day3 Days1 Day862 Days
Tirana14 Days14 Days14 Days98 Days
Tokyo2 Days3 Days2 Days65 Days
Toronto51 Days42 Days748 Days748 Days
Tripoli   Closed
Tunis8 Days1 Day8 Days150 Days
Ulaanbaatar45 Days54 Days54 Days160 Days
Usun-New York7 Days7 Days 7 Days
Valletta30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Vancouver26 Days37 Days37 Days813 Days
Vienna53 Days17 Days40 Days69 Days
Vientiane4 Days4 Days4 Days2 Days
Vilnius1 Day7 Days7 Days2 Days
Vladivostok   Closed
Warsaw3 Days3 Days3 Days1 Day
Windhoek56 Days56 Days56 Days56 Days
Wuhan4 Days4 Days4 Days 
Yaounde40 Days6 Days53 Days54 Days
Yekaterinburg   Closed
Yerevan140 Days34 Days34 Days101 Days
Zagreb20 Days3 Days20 Days3 Days

Note: Embassies and Consulates may have a different process for visa cases where the in-person interview requirement is waived. Generally, wait times for these cases are shorter, but they are not included in the table below. Please visit the specific Embassy or Consulate website to check if your case qualifies for an interview waiver.

Applicants scheduling visa appointments outside their place of residence should check the respective post websites for wait times for nonresidents.

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