Ryan Gosling Desperate for Barbie Sequel as Career Hits Roadblock, Margot Robbie’s Involvement Vital

Ryan Gosling, the acclaimed actor known for his roles in films like “The Notebook” and “La La Land,” is reportedly pulling out all the stops to secure Margot Robbie’s involvement in a sequel to their blockbuster hit, “Barbie,” or a spinoff centered around his character, Ken.

According to a report by Life & Style magazine, Gosling’s urgency stems from the disappointment of his recent film, “The Fall Guy,” which failed to capture audience attention and flopped at the box office. The setback has left Gosling in a precarious position, seeking a project that can revive his career momentum.

The insider revealed, “It’s truly been the best of times and the worst of times for Ryan in the past few months.” They highlighted the success of “Barbie,” which elevated Gosling to A-list status and garnered widespread acclaim. His memorable performance at the Oscars further solidified his reputation in Hollywood and earned him a legion of new fans.

However, Gosling’s career trajectory took a downturn with the underperformance of his 2024 comedy-action film and his departure from the potential blockbuster “Wolf Man,” which could have been a lucrative opportunity. Additionally, his hopes for the Ocean’s Eleven prequel have been dampened by production delays.

The source emphasized the significance of securing Robbie’s involvement in the Barbie sequel or spinoff, stating, “It’s become increasingly clear that more Barbie is his only sure bet.” However, they acknowledged the challenge of convincing Robbie, who is currently committed to multiple other projects.

Robbie’s busy schedule poses a significant obstacle, with the actress reportedly engaged in numerous projects simultaneously. Despite Gosling’s determination to reignite his career through a Barbie sequel or spinoff, the success of his endeavors hinges on Robbie’s availability and willingness to participate.

As Gosling navigates through this career setback, the outcome of his efforts to secure Robbie’s involvement remains uncertain, underscoring the volatility of the entertainment industry and the challenges faced by even established actors in maintaining their star power.

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