After Students now Indian Classical Dancer Amarnath Ghosh Shot dead in US

Amarnath Ghosh, a 34-year-old Indian classical dancer and student at Washington University, was tragically shot dead in St Louis, Missouri, adding to a string of attacks on Indian-Americans in the US in recent months. Ghosh, originally from Suri town in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, was deeply immersed in the performing arts scene. He pursued his master’s degree in the Performing Arts Department at Washington University, showcasing his talent and dedication.

The Indian embassy in Chicago swiftly responded to the news, expressing condemnation and assurance of support to Ghosh’s family. They have initiated discussions with local law enforcement and university authorities to thoroughly investigate this appalling act of gun violence.

Ghosh’s artistic journey was rich and diverse, reflecting his mastery of various dance forms including Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, and Kathak. He also excelled in Rabindra Nrita and Rabindra Sangeet, showcasing his versatility and deep cultural understanding. Graduating from Kalakshetra, a prestigious Chennai institution, further solidified his foundation in the arts. Notably, Ghosh was a recipient of the national scholarship for Kuchipudi from the Ministry of Culture and had been honored at the International Dance and Music Festival in New Delhi.

His untimely death is not only a loss to the artistic community but also a stark reminder of the need to address violence and discrimination against minority groups, both in the US and globally.

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