Kanye West Addresses Battery Case: Punching Incident at Chateau Marmont

Kanye West has finally addressed the recent incident involving a battery case, where he reportedly punched a man for allegedly groping his wife, Bianca Censori.

Speaking on Justin LaBoy’s The Download podcast, Kanye shed light on the altercation that unfolded at the Chateau Marmont. He admitted that while he didn’t witness the incident directly, he intervened when he sensed something was amiss.”I approached the guy and told him he needed to leave immediately. He brushed it off, thinking it was no big deal. But it was far from okay,” Kanye recounted.

When the man persisted in staying, Kanye allegedly resorted to physical action. “I had to tuck him in early… gave him a goodnight punch,” he remarked.

Subsequently, it emerged that Kanye had mistakenly punched the twin brother of the alleged perpetrator, Mark and Jonnie Houston, both of whom work in hospitality. However, it remains unclear whom Bianca accused of the inappropriate touch.

Law enforcement sources disclosed to TMZ that they are probing Kanye’s involvement in the incident. Allegedly, a confrontation ensued after someone reportedly pushed or grabbed Bianca, triggering Kanye’s reaction.Fortunately, neither party sustained injuries, and the individual Kanye is accused of punching did not seek medical attention afterward.

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