Way Of God Won’t Close,Demolish As Many Mosques As You Want: Dr Farooq Abdullah

In an exclusive interview with ABP News, Farooq Abdullah, the Chief of the National Conference (NC), shared his thoughts on the contentious issue of demands for temples in Kashi and Mathura. He expressed a firm belief that regardless of how many temples are constructed or mosques demolished, the path to God remains open.

Abdullah emphasized the importance of recognizing the diverse religious landscape of India, stating that every individual should have the freedom to practice their faith peacefully amidst the country’s rich tapestry of religions.

Regarding the recent implementation of the Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand, Abdullah appeared skeptical, remarking, “I don’t know what they are trying to do. Let them do whatever they want.” Drawing parallels with the contentious farm laws, he highlighted the power of public dissent by referencing their subsequent repeal before the UP elections.

While acknowledging the malleability of the Constitution, Abdullah asserted the immutable nature of the Quran, underscoring the need for sensitivity and respect towards religious beliefs.

Addressing the issue of Pakistan, Abdullah advocated for fostering friendly relations with neighboring countries, including Islamabad. Quoting former Prime Minister Vajpayee, he emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence for mutual progress, stressing the need for dialogue to address terrorism.

On the BJP’s assertion of peace in Kashmir, Abdullah raised concerns about the continued presence of terrorism in the region, citing attacks on soldiers and martyred army officers. Despite recent claims, he questioned whether true peace has been achieved in the valley.

Abdullah’s party, the largest regional party in Jammu and Kashmir, announced its intention to independently contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and potential assembly polls in the Union Territory, signaling a commitment to representing the interests of the region.