Wahid Beheshti Opposition Leader Urges U.S. Action Against Iranian Regime Before It’s Too Late

Iranian opposition leader Vahid Beheshti issued a compelling call to action during his address at the Middle East Forum in Congress. Beheshti emphasized the urgent need for the United States to take decisive action against the Iranian regime before it obtains nuclear weapons.

Describing the Iranian regime as a “paper tiger,” Beheshti urged the U.S. to target the heart of the problem rather than dealing with its proxies scattered across the region. He highlighted Iran’s support for groups like Hamas, emphasizing that without Iran’s backing, entities like Hamas wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves.

Beheshti pointed out that a vast majority of Iranians are opposed to the current regime, and he expressed confidence that a targeted strike by the U.S. and its allies would galvanize the Iranian people to rise up and effect change from within.

Addressing Iran’s role in recent events, Beheshti drew attention to the October 7th attack by Hamas, suggesting it was inspired by Iran’s history of leveraging hostage situations for financial gain. He highlighted the release of Western hostages by the U.S. government in exchange for funds, which he believes emboldened Iran to support actions like the Hamas attack.

Furthermore, Beheshti warned of Iran’s long-term strategy to destabilize democratic societies by exploiting their systems and radicalizing youth. He cautioned that failure to confront Iran now could lead to dire consequences, especially as the regime edges closer to obtaining nuclear capabilities.

Gregg Roman, director of the Middle East Forum, praised Beheshti for not just advocating change but actively working towards it. He emphasized the importance of supporting figures like Beheshti in their mission to bring about a people-led regime change in Iran.

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