Gift of Life: The Remarkable Legacy of Uzair bin Yasin’s Organ Donation

“Give me poison now I can’t bear this pain’: Only brother of two sisters whose organ donation gave new life to seven people.At a hospital in Rawalpindi, Uzair bin Yasin was transferred to a ventilator. The necessary tests at the hospital were also being conducted at their convenience, during which the final decision was made that the brain was dead and only a ventilator could maintain function.

Uzair’s two sisters are doctors. They understood the situation but initially denied the truth. In this circumstance, the doctors began counselling them regarding organ donation. Dr. Seema, Uzair’s younger sister, stated, ‘There was only hope, we didn’t need counselling on organ donation, but it was becoming difficult to accept death.’

However, both sisters gathered courage and attempted to persuade their mother and Uzair’s wife, Faiza Hussain, to donate his organs. The mother affirmed that it was the sister-in-law’s right, and she would make the decision herself. Initially hesitant, Uzair’s wife eventually granted permission for organ donation due to unfolding circumstances.

Uzair bin Yasin’s donation of various body parts provided new life to seven people, marking a significant event in Pakistan’s medical science.All recipients are now in considerably improved condition and recovering rapidly. Among them is Hamdan Khan, a seven-year-old boy from Kohat district, who received a liver transplant from Uzair. Hamdan’s father, Lohab Khan, expresses gratitude and prayers for Uzair’s donation.

Another recipient, Hasnain Ahmed, underwent a pancreas transplant, crucial for his diabetes treatment. Mohammad Hafeez, Hasnain’s father, shares relief at his son’s improved health post-transplant.Zainab Imtiaz and Raja Ali Riaz received Uzair’s kidneys, while two others benefitted from his donated eyes.Who was Uzair bin Yasin and how challenging was it for his family to decide, knowing it would save seven lives?

Uzair, a shop owner in Rawalpindi’s Sadar area, hailed from Bagh district in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. He was the elder brother of two doctor sisters, Dr. Seema and Dr. Sadaf. His widow, Faiza Hussain, and daughter, Urwa Uzair, mourn his loss.

Faiza recalls Uzair’s secret acts of kindness and willingness to help others. Despite initial resistance, Faiza and Uzair’s sisters recognised the potential to save lives through organ donation.Faiza’s brother, also a doctor, supported the decision, as did religious leaders. Faiza was moved by the plight of families affected by organ failure, solidifying her resolve.

The hospital’s administrator, Manoor Hussain, details the meticulous process following the family’s decision, highlighting the collaboration between medical experts to ensure successful transplants.Dr. Faisal Dar, an expert liver transplant surgeon, supervised the operations, ensuring that Uzair’s organs reached deserving recipients promptly.Uzair’s selfless act not only saved lives but also showcased the power of organ donation to transform despair into hope.

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