Tiger’s Environmental Act: Inspiring Cleanup Sparks Global Concern for Plastic Pollution

In a remarkable video captured by wildlife photographer Deep Kathikar, a tiger is observed retrieving a plastic bottle from a waterhole in Maharashtra’s Tadoba National Park.The pervasive presence of plastic, left behind by humanity, has marred landscapes from the peaks of mountains to the depths of oceans. Even the once untouched realms, like forests, are now adorned with plastic debris, posing a threat to wildlife as animals often mistake it for food, jeopardizing their well-being.

Filmed in December 2023, Kathikar disclosed that the tiger featured in the video is the offspring of tigress Bhanuskhindi from Ramdegi Hills. The footage begins with a striking young tiger carrying a plastic bottle in its mouth, an act of environmental stewardship that left viewers both touched and dismayed.

Accompanying the video, a poignant caption reads, “Sweet gesture by the Tiger. We will try to keep our jungles clean. Cub of Bhanuskhindi, Ramdegi Hills.”

Internet users reacted with a mix of alarm and sorrow upon witnessing the tiger’s cleanup effort. One user expressed a bittersweet sentiment, lamenting, “It’s beautiful and sad simultaneously. I feel ashamed that a tiger had to clean up after us.” Another lauded the video’s impactful message, suggesting it be shared widely to advocate for plastic bans and garner widespread recognition.

Reflecting on the footage, a third user remarked, “This is such a poignant portrayal of the damage we’re inflicting upon our planet.” And a fourth urged collective responsibility, stating, “Let’s take ownership of our planet and surroundings, striving to keep them clean and green amidst the visible destruction.”