Selena Gomez Opens Up About Feeling Out of Place Among ‘Cool Girls’ and the Importance of Meaningful Friendships

Selena Gomez recently opened up about being selective when it comes to choosing her friends.Despite her long-standing friendship with Taylor Swift, Gomez confessed to feeling out of place among the ‘cool girls’ clique.

In an interview with Time, the Only Murders In The Building star shared that being in the ‘cool girls’ group feels like a competition.”It’s a cliché, but girls can be mean. It’s a very strange competition, being in the cool girls’ area—and then I’m just kind of there. I don’t know where I’m meant to belong,” Gomez explained.

She added, “I love having levelheaded people around who couldn’t care less about what I do.”Gomez has frequently discussed the importance of meaningful friendships and the experience of loneliness at her Rare Beauty events.

“It’s hard… You could be in a crowd of people and still feel alone. I still deal with that,” she shared.

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