Rana Shubair Palestinian Author & Scholar Killed by Israelis in Gaza

Gaza City recently mourned the loss of Rana Shubair, a distinguished Palestinian author, mother, and language trainer. Rana, known for her expertise in English language training, testing, and translation, was a prominent figure in Palestinian literary circles. Unfortunately, her life was cut short in a devastating incident involving Israelis.

Rana’s passion for her work extended beyond language training; she saw it as an opportunity to inspire and motivate the youth she worked with. Her close interaction with young people allowed her to grasp their dreams and aspirations, fueling her commitment to instill hope in their lives. To explore Rana’s literary contributions and legacy, visit her website at ranashubair.com.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges faced by the people of Gaza, Rana became a voice for the resilient youth enduring the Siege and the determined widows navigating the difficulties of raising their children. Her storytelling aimed to shed light on the untold stories of Gaza, offering a glimpse into the lives of those affected by the region’s tumultuous events. Despite the hardships, Rana’s perseverance and resilience were evident in both her personal and professional life.

Residing in Gaza with her family, Rana also spent a part of her life in the USA, providing her with a diverse perspective on the world. Early in her life, she began writing, contributing articles on women in Gaza to various platforms, including opendemocracy.net. As a mother of three, Rana harbored hopes that her children would one day have the opportunity to explore the world beyond the confines of Gaza.

The loss of Rana Shubair is not just a personal tragedy but also a setback for the literary and intellectual community she enriched with her unique voice and perspective. Her contributions will be remembered as a testament to the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people in the face of adversity.Her most famous book My lover is freedom Fighter available online and offline every where.

Rana Shubair wrote about this book” When love, suffering and the will to overcome occupation intermingle, when the call to duty and the desire to live and love are in a constant tug of war, the decisions become only harder to make. After witnessing horrific events of war and destruction, Fatina struggles to find her inner peace. Her most tormenting challenge is: Can she accept Abdullah’s life in the Resistance? Will Abdullah and Fatina survive the madness of loving under occupation? Is Abdullah destined to fight forever to free Palestine? And Is resistance his only life?”

Her Another Famous Book is ”In Gaza i dare to Dream” she explaining about her book that”In ‘In Gaza I Dare to Dream’, Rana vividly recounts details of her own life under Israeli Occupation, aggression and the Gaza Siege. The daily suffering of the Palestinian people is seldom mentioned in mainstream media, therefore, the author takes you on a journey to one of the most volatile parts of the Middle east to tell you the story of the ordinary people of Gaza. Gaza, a land where joy and grief are entwined, yet its people dare to dream, dare to love and struggle to gain their basic human rights.”

Norman Finkelstien American political scientist, activist, professor, and author writing about Rana Shubair ”Rana Shubair gives us an insider’s view of her “beloved Gaza,” the open-air prison where periodic Israeli assaults turn people into “numbers,” and where daily life is at the mercy of a “power switch” going on and off (mostly off). In Shubair’s telling, love becomes the only means of resistance, so as to remain “human beings like them”– those who are free. Love of country and of people, love which no one can jail, proves to be a source of human and literary creativity.

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