PTI Candidate Wept: Claims ‘being forced to join PPP or MQM-P

Amidst a wave of emotion, Shanawaz Jadoon, a candidate supported by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in PS-115 (Keamari) constituency of Karachi, tearfully asserted that he faced defeat after standing firm with his party and its incarcerated leader, Imran Khan.

In a heartfelt video circulating on social media, Jadoon disclosed receiving threats aimed at coercing him to abandon PTI and align with either the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) or Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P).

“I’ve been inundated with calls, demanding my departure from Imran Khan. I made it clear that I won’t betray Imran Khan under any circumstances,” he stated in the video.

Jadoon revealed receiving his electoral results and Form 47 recently, alongside facing pressure to relinquish his seat and “forced recruitment” into PPP or MQM-P.

Remaining steadfast in his allegiance to Imran Khan and the tireless efforts of PTI workers, Jadoon emphasized his unwavering commitment despite facing coercion to vacate his seat.

“I would rather perish than abandon Imran Khan. Numerous seats can be sacrificed for Imran Khan and the constituents,” he asserted, disavowing any desire for provincial assembly membership.

Jadoon originally secured the PS-115 seat with 20,609 votes against PPP’s Muhammad Asif Khan, but PPP contested the results, alleging victory in the recount.

In a separate audio purportedly featuring Jadoon, released subsequently, he recounted receiving persistent calls from undisclosed numbers pressuring him to switch parties and desert PTI, with threats of losing his seat if he resisted.

“I possess all requisite forms—47, 48, and 49—despite no recounting occurring post-Form 48 issuance,” he clarified.

Despite lacking official notification, Jadoon claimed being verbally informed of a recount scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, leading him to believe his seat was being unfairly wrested due to his refusal to abandon Imran Khan.

Furthermore, Jadoon raised concerns about discrepancies in Form 45, alleging manipulation and rigging, insisting he was declared the victor in Form 47 on February 9, leading by approximately 1,700 to 1,800 votes.

Meanwhile, Ejaz Khan Swati, another newly elected independent candidate backed by PTI from PS-88 in Malir, declared his allegiance to PPP post-election.

In a video announcement, Swati cited his dedication to serving the constituency and its people as the driving force behind his decision to join PPP, further bolstering PPP’s representation in the Sindh Assembly.

Responding to Swati’s move, PTI Karachi’s President Khurram Sher Zaman announced Swati’s membership suspension, affirming that those sworn in the name of Allah cannot align elsewhere, urging PPP to refrain from embracing “such turncoats.”