Pakistan Raises Alarming Claims of Foreign Involvement in On-Soil Assassinations, Urges Global Accountability

In a press conference, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Syrus Qazi, presented what he claimed to be “credible evidence” linking Indian agents to the assassinations of two Pakistani citizens on Pakistani soil. Describing the alleged Indian campaign as “sophisticated and sinister,” Qazi detailed instances of extra-territorial and extra-judicial killings orchestrated through an international network. The accusations further strain the already tense relations between Pakistan and India, as Qazi called for international accountability, branding India’s actions a violation of international law and an infringement on Pakistan’s sovereignty.

These revelations add to the existing tensions between the two nations, marked by historical conflicts and border disputes. Qazi’s detailed account of the alleged Indian-sponsored operations underscores Pakistan’s commitment to safeguarding its people and sovereignty. The international community now awaits further developments as Pakistan urges accountability and justice for the alleged perpetrators and their supporters, framing the incidents as part of a broader global pattern of Indian-sponsored extra-judicial and extra-territorial killings.