Meghan Markle Honored with Yoruba Title ‘Adetokunbo’ During Nigeria Tour

Meghan Markle has been honored with a new title, “Adetokunbo,” by the Yoruba King of Owo during her recent three-day tour of Nigeria with Prince Harry.

The traditional Yoruba name acknowledges her heritage, which the Duchess of Sussex has expressed gratitude for and vowed to carry with “grace and dignity.”While some royal fans have praised Meghan for embracing her roots, others have criticized her for trying to “stay relevant.”

In a letter, the Duchess expressed her gratitude to the Yoruba King of Owo, writing, “Thank you for your warm welcome to Nigeria. I am deeply humbled by your blessing of the traditional Yoruba name, Adetokunbo.”

“I treasure the name and appreciate your trust in me to carry it with grace and dignity. Our trip to Nigeria was significant for many reasons, not least because it provided us an opportunity to explore and understand my heritage, which extends to our children,” she added.

While some fans hailed Meghan for her move, others were critical of the Duchess, claiming she is only “embracing” the title to “stay relevant.”It’s cool that Meghan’s embracing her Nigerian heritage. Representation matters, and it’s nice to see someone in the spotlight acknowledging it,” one noted.However, one unimpressed fan commented, as per The Express, “Embracing? Nah. Just attempting to be relevant.”

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